Weekly Training Report – Run 100 Miles!

Last weekly training recap (June 5-11), I ran 100 miles at 7:26 per mile. The week of June 12-18, I was able to run 100 miles at a 7:09 per mile average!

Weekly Training Report: Total – 100 miles.
Run Total – 100 miles.
Hike Total – 0 miles.
Bike Total – 0 miles.

Sunday June 12 – 6.7 miles.

Sunday my legs were tight and were pretty slow at moving. I considered it my easy and recovery day. A 4.25 mile run in the morning, 00:32:45, and a 2.45 mile run at night in 00:20:23

Monday June 13 – 9 mile run.

Monday only had one run, a 9 miler in the evening in 01:03:58.

Tuesday June 14 – 13.3 mile run.

Tuesday, I skipped out on a morning run. I needed to sleep as I’d been having trouble sleeping due to heat the previous few days.  In the evening, we went down to the Maryville-Alcoa greenway. I ran 13.3 miles in 01:28:46 while my wife went and ran some errands. It was overcast and towards the end of the run it started to rain and it felt AWESOME!

Wednesday June 15 – 20.35 miles.

In the morning I ran 6.5 miles in 00:46:10. In the evening, I ran two runs. The first was a 10 miler in 01:09:55 followed by a short recovery (bathroom break). Once I was set, I went out for 3.85 miles in 00:28:20.

Thursday June 16 – 17 miles.

We ended up going over to our friend’s house and during the hot part of the day around noon, I went out for a short run of 6.05 miles in 00:43:02. It took its toll on me. It was pretty hot out, so I chilled out the rest of the day and then in the evening we went to Alcoa. I ran 5.1 miles before running with the Foothill Striders. Then ran 5.35 with the group, with completion times of 00:37:11 and 00:38:55 respectively. The third run of the day (the one with the group) was a pickup run starting at 7:45, then 7:30, 7:15, 7:00 and then 6:45 followed by a short cool down jog. I’m really enjoying the pickup runs like last Thursday. I mentioned it in the last Weekly Training Recap – 100 miles.

Friday June 17 – 19.4 miles.

In the morning I ran 6.25 miles, which took 00:48:07, and in the evening I ran 13.15 miles in 01:29:40.

Saturday June 18 – 14.75 miles.

Saturday morning I ran 6.5 miles in 00:49:53. In the evening I ran 8.25 miles in 00:57:27 to round out this week’s goal to run 100.00 miles!

It’s so cool to have run 100 miles again this week.

I think that in the long term this is going to help me with a few of my BHAGs (big hairy audacious goals). I will list them out in a separate post in a few days!

The one thing I have noticed since it’s summer time and the sun doesn’t go down until late and it rises early, is that it’s rather difficult to wake up early and run before it becomes scorching hot. Then in the evening, it’s difficult to be running out so late to try to stay cool. There have been days where I don’t get back to the house from a run until 9:30PM and then get up the next morning at 6:00AM and go. Maybe with more miles and more time following this sort of cycle I’ll get used to it. Regardless, I’m still happy to have run 100 miles again!

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