Weekly Training Recap May 8 to 14Weekly Training Recap

My legs have felt like a yo-yo this week (similar to end of last week’s training recap), so my weekly training recap doesn’t have as many miles as I originally anticipated. Some days they’ve felt awesome, some days they’ve been bricks. I had to remind myself, too, that it’s a week before the Horse Capital Marathon so my runs didn’t need to be extremely long or challenging.

Weekly Training Recap Total – 73.21 miles.
Run Total – 42.81 miles.
Hike Total – 7.9 miles.
Bike Total – 22.5 miles.

Sunday May 8 – 2.6 mile run, 9 mile bike.

My legs didn’t feel worth a darn today so I just went out for a short 2.9 mile run to try to loosen them up. I also took my Garmin on my bike ride to and from work. It’s 4.5 miles one way, so 9 miles total on the bike.

Monday May 9 – 13.3 mile run.

I enjoyed Monday’s run. My wife and I went to the Maryville Alcoa Greenway and started at Sandy Springs Park. She biked next to me while I ran. I averaged a 6:52 pace including traffic stops. I wasn’t even trying to push that hard, that’s just how my legs felt. I’m pleased with how that run went.

Tuesday May 10 – 12.3 mile run, 9 mile bike.

Bike commuted 9 miles to and from work.

On Tuesday evening, we went to Pearson Springs Park on the Maryville Alcoa Greenway around 6PM. I ran 8.2 miles with my wife biking next to me. I felt good in the beginning half of that run. When we turned around to head back to the park we started at, my stomach felt weird. Maybe something I ate earlier in the day. I had to take a few restroom breaks before finally making it back to the starting point.

After that 8.2 mile run, I met up with the Foothill Striders and ran 4 easy miles with them.

Wednesday May 11 – 5 mile run, 1.5 mile hike.

Wednesday I ran some easy miles. I wanted to go farther in my mind, but I decided to call it quits at 5 miles because the hills felt like mountains during that run. My grandma arrived in the afternoon and we took her to the awesome lookout spot on the trail near us, so finally, even though it was a local trail, we got some hiking miles in. YAY!

Thursday May 12 – 5.11 mile run, 3.05 mile “hike”.

Thursday I decided that it was time to run some longer miles. I did 10.25 and it wasn’t the best run, but not the worst. Not sure if it’s residual soreness and tiredness from the marathon, or what. I also did some strength training which included squats, lunges, single leg deadlifts and pushups.

Friday May 13 – 3.35 mile hike. 

I decided to take Friday off from running. I was actually so tired for some reason that mid afternoon I fell asleep on our couch that we built.

My wife and I did go out and hike around on the trail for 3.35 miles. We had fun and it was a gorgeous day to be outside on the trails.

Saturday May 14 – 4.2 mile run, 4.5 mile bike.

I didn’t feel too bad on Saturday. I had a long day at work. Wifey dropped me off at work before she headed to the Biscuit Festival in downtown Knoxville. I biked home from work. Then I went for a short run after I cooled down from the bike ride home. I was able to open up my legs a little bit which was nice. I know it was a short run, but it felt good. It was also chilly and a little windy out, but still, great evening for a run, albeit a short run.


Next weekend is the Kentucky Ale Horse Capital Marathon sponsored by SWORD!!!! The next training week, starting May 15, will be big time taper. So the next weekly training recap should be lower mileage with the marathon on Saturday May 21st. I’ll do a final hill repeats workout, a speed workout, and other than that, most of my running miles will consist of easy runs to keep the legs used to running and shaking out any cobwebs before race day.

Let’s do this!

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