Weekly Training Recap

This was week one of the new training program I am working on. I briefly mentioned it the last weekly training recap from May 22 to May 28. This training plan leads me right to the beginning of October for the Greenway Marathon in Nashville which I still need to register for.

Weekly Training Recap Total – 103.5 miles.
Run Total – 90.75 miles.
Hike Total – 3.75 miles.
Bike Total – 9.0 miles.

Sunday May 29 – 3.75 mile hike, 10.3 mile run.

My mother-in-law and her boyfriend were in town for the weekend, so I had to adjust my running schedule a tiny bit.
In the morning I completed my run in 1 hour 12 minutes and 54 seconds or 01:13:54.

Monday May 30 – 15.6 mile run, 9 mile bike.

My last day bike commuting to the job I’ll no longer be working, so I’ll have to start making an effort to go out and ride my bike more often now that I won’t be bike commuting.
I split my run into two, 8.1 miles in the morning in 01:04:40, plus a 0.25 mile cool down walk.
My second run, in the evening, was 7.5 miles and took 00:56:08 to complete.

Tuesday May 31 – 12.91 mile run.

Tuesday morning I ran 7.16 miles in 00:49:15, followed by an evening run of 5.75 miles in 00:41:48.

Wednesday June 1 – 11.62 mile run.

In the morning I ran 6.05 miles and in the evening I ran 5.57 miles. I forgot to reset the timer so the combined time for these two runs on Wednesday was 01:30:25.

Thursday June 2 – 18.1 mile run.

Thursday morning I ran 10.5 miles in 01:15:36 and an evening run of 7.6 miles which took 00:53:12 to run.

Friday June 3 – 18.07 mile run.

In the morning I ran 7.5 miles, which took 00:58:43, and in the evening I ran 10.57 miles in 01:17:15.

Saturday June 4 – 3.9 mile run.

Saturday morning we were heading to Chattanooga for a short little vacation getaway. I ran an extremely easy 3.4 miles in 00:28:07.
Later in the day, we were walking at Point Park near Ruby Falls and there was a downpour that came out of nowhere, so I ran 0.5 miles to the car as fast as I could to pick up my wife. We were both soaked. It was fun!

90.75 miles this week. I am pumped. I haven’t run that much in a week since July 2013 so it felt pretty awesome to see a large uptick in mileage and to still feel healthy. Let’s keep this up with the training as it goes on. The next weekly training recap will be week 2 of the 18 week program I am working on and I should be right around 100 miles for the week.

Also, I think I have decided against the Tellico Half Marathon in the middle of June due to the current registration cost. I’ll be searching for some other races in July and August to do since deciding against the half marathon has freed up around $65 of my race budget for the year.

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