Weekly Training Recap

At the beginning of the week, I felt decent. I didn’t feel bad, nor did I feel 100% fantastic. I decided to reduce the mileage during this week before the race, so my actual weekly training mileage was lower than I thought it would be.

Weekly Training Recap Total – 75.03 miles.
Run Total – 51.03 miles.
Hike Total – 1.5 miles.
Bike Total – 22.5 miles.

Sunday May 15 – 6.5 mile run, 9 mile bike.

Nice and easy run and a bike commute to and from work.

Monday May 16 – 6.1 mile run.

I did short 0.20 mile hill repeats in the morning. I did a short warm up, then did four repeats up this hill in the neighborhood. I gave myself about 2 minutes of rest and then repeated. The whole AM run was 3.05 miles.

Effort 1 – 6:08 pace.
Effort 2 – 5:45 pace.
Effort 3 – 5:48 pace
Effort 4 – 5:37 pace.

In the evening I did another short 3.05 mile run. No real efforts, more of a run to shake out the legs.

Tuesday May 17 – 5.05 mile run, 4.5 mile bike.

Bike commuted one way to work and then wife happened to be in the area so she picked me up when I was done with work.

On Tuesday evening, I did a short 5.05 mile run. A few fartlek type efforts during the run, but nothing intense.

Wednesday May 18 – 4.5 mile bike, 1.5 mile hike.

Wednesday I took off from running. I biked one way to work and my wife happened to pick me up that afternoon, too. We went for a short walk around the lake to the look out spot, so it was a short 1.5 mile hike.

Thursday May 19 – 3.5 mile run, 4.5 mile bike.

Thursday I biked to work 4.5 miles. It started raining so my wife picked me up. She’s awesome.
In the evening I went for a short 3.5 mile nice and easy rain run.

Friday May 20 – 3.35 mile hike.

We traveled up to Lexington, KY where the Kentucky Ale Horse Capital Marathon was taking place and picked up my bib from the race expo.  In the evening, my friend James and I went for a 3.5 run, super easy. It was sprinkling and felt amazing.  My legs felt GREAT!

Saturday May 21 – 26.38 mile run.

weekly training Kentucky Ale Horse Capital MarathonThe Kentucky Ale Horse Capital Marathon sponsored by SWORD was AWESOME and intense. Read more The next training week, starting May 15, will be big time taper. So the next weekly training recap should be lower mileage with the marathon on Saturday May 21st. I’ll do a final hill repeats workout, a speed workout, and other than that, most of my running miles will consist of easy runs to keep the legs used to running and shaking out any cobwebs before race day.

The next weekly training recap will be low, too, but that’s planned as I need rest and recovery before diving into an 18 week training plan as I get ready for another marathon in the fall.

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