Weekly Training Recap

This week was kind of weird with how my legs felt. My legs felt pretty good initially after the Derby Festival Marathon on April 30th, but it seemed like as the week went on, my legs became super tight and tired. Maybe it is residual tiredness from the race. Maybe because we changed up my eating since Sunday. Going to continue to stretch, trigger point, elevate and use a natural pain relief gel and see if that helps at all. Next week should be better. I’m going to shoot for some higher mileage the first part of the next week and then next Thursday or Friday start tapering for the race on the 21st.

Weekly Training Recap Total – 85.24 miles.
Run Total – 58.84 miles.
Hike Total – 0 miles. Sad… Once the Horse Capital Marathon is over, we’ll pick up more hiking and exploring.
Bike Total – 26.4 miles.

Sunday May 1 – 2.6 mile run.

Since it was the day after the Derby Festival Marathon (Race Recap), I decided to do a short and easy run. No real pushing happened during the run, I primarily wanted to shake out the legs from the day before so I could get back to training for the Horse Capital Marathon.

Monday May 2 – 8.8 mile bike, 4.76 mile run.

Bike commuted 4.4 miles to work and back 4.4 miles, totaling 8.8 miles. Then I found a loop that I plan on running circuits on to help prepare me for the Horse Capital Marathon. I did the loop twice, with a warm up and cool down.

Tuesday May 3 – 8.8 mile bike, 12.71 mile run.

Bike commuted 8.8 miles.

Did a run in the morning that was 6.71 miles in total. Consisted of a warm up, then 3 loops of the one mentioned during Monday May 2nd, and then a cool down.

1.89 warm up
1.15 miles @ 7:44 (6:42 pace)
1.16 @ 7:49 (6:45 pace)
1.15 @ 7:34 (6:34 pace)
0.56 rest
0.11 @ 37.37 (5:29 pace), 2 min rest
0.12 @ 34.75 (4:59 pace) 2 min rest
0.12 @ 35.14 (4:52 pace) cool down

On Tuesday evening, I met up with the Foothill Striders in Maryville and ran 6 miles with the

Wednesday May 4 – 6.65 mile run.

Wednesday I ran one of the normal loops, the Wind River loop as I call it. It was a pretty easy day. Nothing difficult as my legs were feeling a little heavy.

Thursday May 5 – 10.25 mile run.

Thursday I decided that it was time to run some longer miles. I did 10.25 and it wasn’t the best run, but not the worst. Not sure if it’s residual soreness and tiredness from the marathon, or what. I also did some strength training which included squats, lunges, single leg deadlifts and pushups.

Friday May 6 – 13 mile run.

6.68 miles in the morning.
2.54 mile warm up
5 X 0.5 mile repeats with a goal of running them in 2:40, rest 2:40.
1.07 cool down.
The “Yasso 800s” did not go as planned as it turns out my legs were super tight and not feeling up to the task. I was intending to do 10 of them, but since my paces were off, I decided to call it after 5 repeats.
2:40, 2:47, 2:57, 2:53, 2:57
average: 2:50 per 0.5 mile repeat.

After the run that didn’t go as planned in the morning, I rested most of the day, ran some errands with the wife, worked on some website stuff, and ran 6.32 miles in the PM @ 6:51 pace on the Wind River Loop.

Saturday May 7 – 8.8 mile bike, 8.67 mile run.

I ran in the morning only 3.05 miles. My legs and hamstrings felt SO heavy. I stretched and foam rolled post run. Then had to bike commute, work, and then bike commute back home.

In the evening my legs felt a little better. I ran 5.62 miles at a 7:27 pace. Not bad, not great. Maybe it’s ALL the extra hills I’ve tossed my way ON PURPOSE this week to help get my legs prepared for the marathon in two weeks. Who knows. Time to rest, recovery, and prepare for another week of training. Tapering will start Thursday or Friday.

OH, hey, by the way… Go register for the Kentucky Ale Horse Capital Marathon in Lexington, KY! I’ll be there and so will Dr. Scott from SWORD!! Be there and be awesome!

No hiking happened this week since my focus was mainly devoted to the up and coming marathon… but no need to fear, we’re going to get back at hiking and exploring after the Horse Capital Marathon!


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