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Weekly Training Recap – 100 Miles!

I’m so excited to share this weekly training recap as this was my first time running 100 miles in training week in nearly 3 years! Aside from being tired from the heat, work, house stuff, and running… I feel awesome! I calculated the amount of time running vs the distance of 100 miles, and the average pace was 7:26 per mile. Not too bad, right?!  Last weekly training recap, I forgot to mention that the 90.75 miles covered had an average pace of 7:22 per mile!

Weekly Training Recap Total – 100 miles.
Run Total – 100 miles.
Hike Total – 0 miles.
Bike Total – 0 miles.

Sunday June 5 – 5 mile run.

Sunday was a simple “rest” day with a 5 mile run in 00:36:19.

Monday June 6 – 17 mile run.

Monday had two runs, a 12 miler in the morning which took 1:26:04, and an evening run of 5 miles which took 00:35:22.

Tuesday June 7 – 8.5 mile run.

Tuesday had two runs, too, as most days do. However, today was a short day due to struggling with waking up and the group run in the evening only wanting to run short. 4 miles in the morning, 00:34:16, and 4.5 miles with the Foothill Striders in the evening, at 00:36:00.

Wednesday June 8 – 17 mile run.

In the morning I ran 5.25 miles in 00:41:26, my legs struggled to wake up in the morning.
In the evening I ran 11.75 miles and felt better, 01:21:28.

Thursday June 9 – 17 mile run.

Thursday pretty much consisted of three runs.
Early morning short jog of 3.55 miles in 00:31:01.

Then my wife biked next to me in the early evening and did 7.60 miles in 00:53:43. Nearly immediately after that, I ran 5.85 miles with the Foothill Striders. We did a pick up run, starting at 7:30 pace the first mile and picking it up as we moved onto the next mile. Total time was 00:40:48 and I felt great!

Friday June 10 – 17.25 mile run.

In the morning I ran 5.75 miles, which took 00:45:24, and in the evening I ran 11.5 miles in 01:21:48.

Saturday June 11 – 18.25 mile run.

Saturday morning I ran 8.5 miles in 01:10:19, and in the evening I ran 9.75 miles in 01:09:42 to round out the 100.00 miles!

100 miles this week. I am stoked about that. I feel pretty good, too, I’ve been trying to make sure I stretch more often as I’ve increased the mileage and it’s definitely helping. The next weekly training recap will be week 3 of the 18 week program I am working on and it should also be right around 100 miles for the week.


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