Weekly Training Recap!

My weekly average running pace was 6:55 per mile in this weekly training recap. Racing in the Rebel Run 10k helped recharge my brain and body a little bit. Check out the Rebel Run 10k Race Recap! I’ve been forcing myself to get out of bed before the sun is in full effect. Once I get up and out of the house, I typically do several movements and stretches to wake up my body and get my blood flowing. I’ll also do some push ups, lunges and squats. It’s been helpful (I think)!

Weekly Training Report: Total – 38.37 miles.
Run Total – 38.37 miles.
Hike Total – 0 miles.
Bike Total – 0 miles.

Sunday August 21– 4.5 mile run.

I ran 4.5 miles in 00:29:28 as a nice and easy run after the Rebel Run 10k on the Saturday, the 20th.

Monday August 22 – 9.87 miles.

Monday I ran 5.37 miles at the Maryville track in 0:36:31. I did several intervals, some were 400s, some were 800s. I followed that up with a nice and slow run with the Foothill Striders running group. We ran 4.5 miles in 0:41:10.

Tuesday August 23 – 4.25 miles.

Tuesday, I ran an easy run of 4.25 miles in 00:30:41.

Wednesday August 24 – 4.5 miles.

Wednesday I did 0.25 mile repeats, with 30 seconds rest, at the Maryville Middle School Track. I started out with a mile easy warm up, some muscle activation, and then I began the repeats. Total time running: 0:28:09

Effort 1: 1:28
Effort 2: 1:24
Effort 3: 1:23
Effort 4: 1:23
Effort 5: 1:22
Effort 6: 1:21
Effort 7: 1:20
Effort 8: 1:21
Effort 9: 1:21
Effort 10: 1:21
Effort 11: 1:24
Effort 12: 1:21
Effort 13: 1:23

Thursday August 25 – 0 miles – OFF DAY.

Thursday I did not run at all. Sad… I know. An off day was much needed, I suppose!

Friday August 26 – 2 miles.

Friday, I signed up last minute for another 10k – the Man Run 10k – near downtown Knoxville/North Alcoa. I did a nice and easy 2 mile run in 0:13:22.

Saturday August 27 – 13.25 miles. – Man Run 10k Race Recap

Saturday, I ran an easy warm up before the Man Run 10k began. Then, I completed the Man Run 10k in 0:38:51 for second overall, first in my age group! I did another short run as a cool down. In the evening I ran another easy run of 5 miles, which allowed for a total of 13.25 miles for the day, totaling 01:25:56 for the day.


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