Weekly Training Recap

This week, since it’s a race week, was a little different and there wasn’t as much running volume. I did ride my bike more, as I bike commuted to work most days. There were a few instances where my wife picked me up from work since we had errands to do, like get our car tags, etc.

Weekly Training Recap Total – 84.58 miles.
Run Total – 49.38 miles.
Hike Total – 0 miles. Sad…
Bike Total – 35.2 miles.

Sunday April 24 – 3.5 mile run, 4.4 mile bike.

Yedear loop with a warm up and cool down which came to 3.5 miles for a run. Then 4.4 miles for a bike ride, as I commuted to my new job.

Monday April 25 – 8.8 mile bike, 5.6 mile run.

Biked 4.4 miles to work, then they told me they didn’t need my help today, so another 4.4 mile bike ride home, totaling 8.8 miles. Then I went out for a nice and easy 5.6 mile run. Nothing too challenging, 7:20 pace including warm up and cool down paces.

Tuesday April 26 – 4.4 mile bike, 6.75 mile run.

Weekly Training Recap April 24 to 30 run hike jump 1Bike commute of 4.4 miles. Then my last hard speed workout before the Derby Festival Marathon this weekend. I originally intended on doing a short warm up, about 1 mile or so, followed by 12 x 0.25 mile efforts with 90 seconds rest in between, and ending with a cool down. I wanted to do the first 8 of them at about a 5:45 pace. Then I wanted to push hard and get the last 4 around 5:25 or so pace. I’m very pleased with how the run turned out.

1.37 mile warm up that included mobility movements to loosen the body.

Effort 1 – 5:39 pace
Effort 2 – 5:35 pace
Effort 3 – 5:38 pace
Effort 4 – 5:29 pace
Effort 5 – 5:36 pace
Effort 6 – 5:30 pace
Effort 7 – 5:15 pace
Effort 8 – 4:51 pace
Effort 9 – 4:58 pace
Effort 10 – 4:53 pace
Effort 11 – 4:59 pace
Effort 12 – 4:57 pace

1.32 mile cool down.

Wednesday April 27 – 4.3 mile run, 8.8 mile bike.

Wednesday I ran one of the normal loops I run and it was a pretty easy day. Nothing difficult since I had the hard run on Tuesday. Also, I bike commuted 8.8 miles to and from work.

Thursday April 28 – 8.8 mile bike.

Thursday was one of those “odd” days where I decide to not run at all. I knew I needed a rest day, so I made it Thursday. I still bike commuted to work 4.4 miles each way and it was WARM out during the ride there and back.

Friday April 29 – 3.03 mile run.

Nice and easy run since it was the day before the marathon. My wife and I woke up early, I ran, stretched, and showered. Shortly after we headed up to Kentucky to see our friends and pick up the packets for the Marathon at the expo! At the Expo we ran into one of the Co-Founders, Dr. Shawn, from Drink Sword! It was so awesome to see him, it’s been about 3 years since I’ve last seen him!

Saturday April 30 – DERBY FESTIVAL MARATHON 26.2 mile run.
Check the Race Recap for the Derby! It was an awesome event, even with the rain.

Now…it’s time to rest, recover, train and then recover some more before the Horse Capital Marathon on May 21st!

OH, hey, by the way… Go register for the Kentucky Ale Horse Capital Marathon in Lexington, KY! I’ll be there and so will Dr. Scott from SWORD!! Be there and be awesome!

The next weekly training recap will be a little bit off, as it’ll be part recovery and part back to hard training for the next marathon. But it should be a good week of training because I am feeling pretty recovered as I write this Sunday evening. No hiking happened this week since our time was mainly devoted to the Marathon… but no need to fear, we’re going to get back at hiking and exploring soon! Rock and roll!

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