I’ve decided I’m going to go to a Weekly Training Recap instead of posting it every few days. One reason behind this is because it’ll make things easier for me. I use a Google Drive Sheet to keep track of my mileage, running, plan out my runs, etc. This way I can focus on some other things instead of doing a daily post about run training or hiking.

Weekly Training Recap April 17 to 23I’m also going to use the weekly training recap format that training starts Sunday and goes through Saturday. The reason behind this idea is simply because that’s how the Google Sheet I’ve been using is formatted and it’ll be easier for me to keep track of total mileage, etc. I do plan on including hiking miles, biking miles, and running miles in the total mileage. I’ll also do separate totals for each, too in the Weekly Training Recap. I trained in my Skora shoes this week since they’re a little heavier than my other running shoes I will run the marathon in next week, that way my legs could feel a little heavier and more tired this week and when I put on my race shoes next weekend, they should be relieved and turn over quickly!

Weekly Training Recap

Weekly Total – 66.09 miles.
Run Total – 53.99 miles.
Hike Total – 7.7 miles.
Bike Total – 4.4 miles.

Sunday April 17 – 5.6 mile hike, recovery day from running.

We went to the Black Mountain Trail and Ozone Falls and hiked around for a total of 5.6 miles. I took off from running that day since I hadn’t had a recovery or rest day from running in what felt like a long time.

Monday April 18 – 2.1 mile hike, 6.35 mile run.

I watched the Boston Marathon for about 3 hours. I love watching races. I love watching live streams of events, even like IronMan Kona… I’ll sit glued to the screen for the whole course of the 8+ hours. Once all that was over, I ran 6.35 miles on what I call the WindRiver loop on the road. It’s a road that has a lot of gradual uphills and gradual downhills, nothing really flat. Completed that run in 39:52. Then later, we hiked a total of 2.1 miles on the local trails here to the amazing look out spot on the lake.

Weekly Training Recap April 17 to 23Tuesday April 19 – 5.6 mile run in the AM, 5 mile run in the PM.

Tuesday morning I ran 5.6 miles on the Town Creek Greenway while wifey was at the chiropractor. It wasn’t a hard run, it was more of an exploratory run to see what was around the greenway and to see if I could find a school with a track. Then in the evening we met with the Foothill Striders at Pearson Springs Park in Maryville. 10.6 miles total. All easy miles, so it was a nice recovery!

Wednesday April 20 – 13.81 mile run.

I met with a pretty awesome ultra runner that I met at the Foothill Striders group and we ran almost 9.5 miles together on the trails. Then I ran a few more miles, and it tallied up to 13.81 miles total. I saw a black snake on the trail and apparently it was a king snake, which are common and non-venomous around these parts. Even though the run was slower from the trails, it still hurt so good, mainly because trail runner tends to be a little more taxing, in my opinion, due to all of the semi-steep ups and downs. Lots of fun!

Thursday April 21 – 5.17 mile run.

Weekly Training Recap April 17 to 23In the evening, we went back to meet with the Foothill Striders and ran 5.17 miles with them. This was was also easy since it was a group run. Another good recovery run. I also bought a gallon of water so that I could refill it and keep myself accountable to DRINK MORE WATER!

Friday April 22 – 9.42 mile run.

Friday, I did the WindRiver loop in 40:36 followed up with some speed work to get my legs familiar with being tired and pushing speed. I did 8 x 0.25 mile (approximately 400 meter) repeats with 45 seconds rest. Then 0.13 mile (approximately 200 meter) repeats with 45 seconds rest. Those HURT so good. My legs and lungs were pooped.

The paces for the 0.25 mile efforts were 5:32, 5:22, 5:16, 5:30, 5:24, 5:38, 5:29, 5:33. I was really trying to keep right around 5:30 pace and I did! The average pace for the 0.25 mile efforts was 5:28! I’ll have one more speed workout before the Derby Festival Marathon and hopefully I’ll be able to push around 5:20 pace.

The paces for the 0.13 mile efforts were 5:11, 5:01, 5:23, 5:22. I decided to call it quits after only four of these since my paces were starting to rise back up to the 0.25 mile effort paces. Ideally these paces would have been between 4:45 and 5:00. Next time!

Saturday April 23 – 8.64 mile run, 4.4 mile bike.

Weekly Training Recap April 17 to 23I bike commuted 4.4 miles today from work to home. Single speed road bike on the rolling hills of Tennessee will cause some good leg muscle action. Then after I came home, drank lots of water and recovered for a bit. I went out and ran 8.64 miles. 0.30 mile easy warm up. 8.04 miles on what i call the Unitia Loop in 54:29. Followed by a 0.30 mile cool down, stretching, and lots of water.

NEXT WEEK… will have less running mileage in the Weekly Training Recap due to the Derby Festival Marathon in Louisville, KY. But.. there will be a Race Recap coming next week, too!

OH, hey, by the way… Go register for the Kentucky Ale Horse Capital Marathon! It’s May 21st in Lexington, KY! I’ll be there! Be there and be awesome!

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