If you keep up running like I do, you probably want to watch the Boston Marathon Online.

Things have come a long ways with live streaming, and I sure am glad there are multiple resources in which you can watch the Boston Marathon Online now. Before, it was like pulling teeth. You had to download some odd software and install another plug-in. But now, thanks to the cost of live streaming coming down, I presume, and the press that the Boston Marathon has received and it truly is a nationwide and worldwide event, the Boston Athletics Association has a free live streaming link:

Watch the Boston Marathon Online HERE!watch boston marathon online runhikejump

There are many reasons that you may want to watch the Boston Marathon online. You could be a marathon fanatic, like myself, and want to be in the know about who ran what, what Americans do well, and dream of running the race yourself. You could also watch the Boston Marathon online because a loved one is participating and you couldn’t be there at the event itself. What great technologic capabilities we have that allow people to see what’s going on at a marathon event from all across the world.

watch boston marathon online runhikejump wavesOn the Boston Athletics page for the 2016 Boston Marathon, you can see the start time information for all of the different waves. Here’s a screenshot, too.

For those of you running the Boston Marathon…


For those of you who will be able to watch the Boston Marathon online live, enjoy! Watching marathons can actually be very insightful and much can be learned from them if you’re training for a marathon, trying to improve your running, performance, or are just looking for tactics to try to emulate during race day. Admire the elite level athletes, they train extremely hard and push their bodies to the limits. And admire all those who are able to participate in any running events that are running for great causes to help others.

Anyways, keep running!


Boston Strong!


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