Warrior Half Marathon 2018

I had a great run at the Warrior Half Marathon (Instagram: @warriorhalfmarathon)! Warrior Half Marathon 2018In 2017, I placed 1st overall in the Warrior 10 miler, as you can see on the races page, but this year I decided to step up and race the Warrior Half Marathon since it was the first year they offered the half marathon.

My chip time for the Warrior Half Marathon 1:20:32!! Thanks to @sword for the amazing energy tablets and to @eddieshealthshoppe ! Looking forward to a quick recovery and then kicking butt at the @knoxvillemarathon (half marathon) in a few weeks! Thanks to all the warriors for their service to our country!! #USA

warrior half marathon pace

For the first half mile, I ran with a woman named Jenny from the Eddie’s Health Shoppe running team and some other dude. After that decided I needed to create some extra distance if I was going to potentially shoot for the win! You can see the image, my pace was pretty good… you can tell where it flattened out and you can tell where it was mostly uphill. I’m really pleased that the last 3 miles were basically a pickup run! When I crossed the finish line, my Garmin ForeRunner 230 showed 12.97 miles, so I continued running through the finish line to get to the 13.1 distance. That’s why the last 0.10 was slower because I looked down after I crossed the finish line, and basically came to a stop, then decided to push on the short extra distance.

Warrior Half Marathon 2018I’d definitely do the Warrior half marathon again! I ran the Warrior in the Altra Escalante and let me tell you, it felt like a dream on my feet!

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