Wanderer’s Trail Race

The Wanderers Trail Race was an interesting and great race during the middle of January. My friends and normal training partners, Mark and Brent, were there, along with some other folks I’ve befriended, too.

Wanderers Trail RaceThe Wanderers Trail Race was a 5k course through the Maryville College Woods trails. Previously the Wanderers Trail Race was a 4 miler, but for 2017 the race directors changed it to a 5k, which is fine for me. The Wanderers Trail Race was only $20 and started within a mile or so from our house. The weather was warm out during the middle of January so I wore my SWORD singlet and old racing shorts. The shoes I ran in were the New Balance MT10 v 4 that I earned during the Strava Back Half Challenge.

I ran some higher, slower mileage the day before the Wanderers Trail Race, but that was an easy run so I don’t think it caused me to run poorly. I’m confident in how I ran, considering shorter distances like 5ks aren’t what I tend to excel at. I probably could have run even better had I given myself a better, longer warm up. Still, I did really well and was running with the front group from the gun.

The Wanderers Trail Race began!

Once the gun went off, everyone sprinted into the woods. I ran with the front pack, sitting in about 6th place. There were two guys who were just slightly ahead, then three others basically in a pace line in front of me. Within the first 1/2 mile, I moved up into 5th and we all caught up to the front two guys. We were running in a nice pack, the pace was pretty high, right around 6 minute pace for a trail race with the turns, ups and downs… pretty fast!

There was this one section where this one guy slid out during one of the turns. I asked if he was okay, while I kept running. He was all good and hopped right up.

Wanderers Trail RaceThe group pressed on and we started to lose a few people with about a mile to go. I running with the two front guys and one dude took off and sprinted ahead with less than 1/2 a mile to go. I pushed hard, but couldn’t catch up. With the final turn in the woods, I was sitting in third place, right behind the second place guy. There was an uphill segment, then the final race turn with the finish line shortly after. I finished within 1 second of the 2nd place racer. Third overall for a trail race I signed up on the day of the event… NOT BAD! The results are here on the Knoxville Track Club Race Results page.

I’m thankful everyone was safe and thankful that my lovely wife came out to support me during the Wanderers Trail Race, too!

I’m looking forward to more races for 2017!

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