Friday I went out for a nice and easy 4.4 miles on the rolling hills of East Tennessee. I used that run to shake out the legs from Thursday’s two-loop time-trial I decided to do.

Taking it back a day… On Thursday I did a nice and easy warm-up followed by a hilly 2.9 mile loop, twice. I did the loop twice to get a base line time for how long one of the loop takes so that I can monitor progress as I continue my training. Loop one was 20:32 or a 7:05 per mile pace. Loop two was 19:45 or a 6:52 per mile pace. I’ve definitely come to see over the years that I definitely start feeling “better” during my runs after about 3-4 miles of running.  Ended up with 8.10 miles on Thursday. Then I tried to go for a bike ride on my sweet single speed, but ended up getting a flat tire about 5 miles into the bike ride. Bummer.hilly loop run hike jump

Ok, so back to Friday. I ran 4.4 miles on some similar hilly terrain like above. Up and down and up and up and up and down. I went back to the house after those 4.4 miles, had some SWORD and food to recover. Then a few hours later, I went back to the place in my neighborhood that provides the best option for semi-flat repeat efforts. The elevation profile for the one mile efforts is below.

one mile efforts

I did a short warm up, since my legs and lungs were still feeling pretty good from the hilly run earlier. Then the one mile efforts began. The first one ended up being 5:24. I considered that pretty good since I had run some decent mileage this and last week. I rested about 5 minutes and then began the second of the two one mile efforts.  That one came in at 5:24, too! Consistent!  I rested a few more minutes, then decided to give a 1/2 mile effort a shot.  That one rang in at a 5:19 pace. Still, not bad! Followed that up with a cool down and some mobility movements and stretching.

one mile efforts run hike jump SWORDTwo more weeks until the Derby Festival Marathon on April 30th. This will be my fourth time doing this marathon and I’m pumped. It’s still undetermined if my friend and I will just chill and run it together, or if we’ll both try and go balls to the walls and try to get marathon PRs. Hopefully I will hear back about whether or not I am able to do the Kentucky Ale Horse Capital Marathon in Lexington, KY in May.  I’d love to be able to do it. It’s a course with lots of rolling hills, but I don’t think those hills would be as painful as the ones around here. It should be a PR course if I am able to do it.

I’m satisfied with my training thus far and hope to see continued improvements.

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