Training Report!

The end of July to the late part of August, I was a little off my game. Maybe it was the heat, no running companions in a close proximity, monotony of training, etc. Many factors could be part of why I really struggled during the late summer weeks, regardless, here’s the little bit of training I did. I was a little ashamed of the lack of training and enthusiasm over the past few weeks, but I thought I should play catch up with the training on here at least.

Week of July 31 to August 6: 

Running: 16.8 miles @ 6:12 average pace.
Biking: 6.4 miles.
Hiking: 3 miles at Cummins Falls State Park.

We had some friends come into town from California at the end of the week and they stayed for about 5 days, so that interfered with my training a little bit, but it was great to see them. We went hiking at several cool places.

Week of August 7 to August 13: 

Running: 10 miles @ 6:45 average pace.
Hiking: 4 miles at East Lakeshore Trail, Coker Creek Falls, and Bald River Falls.

10 miles… I know. Like I said just above, we had some friends in town from California so my training had to take a seat during that time.

Week of August 14 to August 20: 

Running: 32.8 miles @ 7:39 average pace.

Tuesday and Thursday we went to Maryville and Alcoa, respectively, to run with the Foothill StridersThe group runs are a little slower, like around 9-10 minute per mile pace. That messed with my average pace a little bit, but still, it was good to see the group, as we hadn’t been down there in about a month. One of the guys, Brent, who races for the Runners Market Racing teammentioned the Rebel Run that was going on in Maryville that Saturday, the 20th. I looked into the race when we arrived home, signed up and participated in it.

I ended up winning the 10k! You can read the Rebel Run 10k Race Recap here!

All that to be said, I know it’s been a rough couple weeks since the Thursday Nights at the Track event, so I am hoping to get myself together since the Greenway Marathon is coming up quick!


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