Summer Racing Recap 2017

summer racing 2017

Now that the Summer Racing season is over, I figured it’s time for a recap! Summer racing is difficult for me and my results proved as much. You can see all of 2017 race results on the RACES page.

There were a few different factors causing my summer racing to be a little bit off compared to winter and spring racing results.

First off, at the beginning of May, I started a new job. I really like my job so I cannot complain! Prior to this job, I was working part time, by choice, so I had much more time during winter and spring to get in more training time.

The second reason my summer racing results were not as great as the spring results could have been the heat. We had some hot, hot days and I typically run a little warm anyway, so when I’d do my training, I’d insta-sweat. I’d get up in the morning and run, then go to work, then train in the evening, too. Even with the split workouts, it was still hot, humid and drained energy.

It was interesting to see my times become slower during the first half of summer, then towards the end of summer my times have come down again closer to where they were during late spring (around when the Boston Marathon and Derby Marathon Race were held.)

Towards the end of summer, I decided to get back into triathlons. I purchased a sweet bike! I had the bike about a week or so before doing my first triathlon in many years, the Fall Creek Falls Olympic triathlon. I ended up getting two flat tires during that race, so the following week I redeemed myself at the Storm the Fort half iron triathlon with the 6th fastest bike split, 7th fastest run, and 6th overall placement (1st age group).

Heading into fall and winter, I feel confident that I should continue to see my times come down as long as I stay healthy. I plan on doing some more bike riding and maybe throwing some swim training in the mix when applicable. I still haven’t figured out the triathlon training schedule thing yet. I’m still satisfied with my summer racing although no personal records were set.

summer racing 2017I’ve done nearly every race in my Altra Running Shoes and I love them still! Check out Altra The One! Altra has made my list for the best zero drop running shoes. The Altra “The One” is a lightweight shoe made for running fast with light cushioning. So far, I’m very excited about how they’ve performed and I hope to race in these for many longer distance type races to come.

Since 2011 I’ve almost always run races in Injinji socks. They’ve always been phenomenal for me and thus far, I’ve had no blister issues with them regardless of distance and pace. Injinji socks are some of the best running socks!

The Garmin Forerunner 230 is still going strong and I love it! It’s easy to use and sleek. You can go for the Heart Rate version, the Garmin Forerunner 235, if you’re into monitoring Heart Rate.

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