Spring Sprint 5k

Spring Sprint 5kThe Spring Sprint 5k was the first stop in the Blount County Triple Crown Series! There are three events in the Triple Crown, the Spring Sprint 5k, the Scholars Run 5k in August, and then the Reindeer Run 5k in December. The top 3 males and top 3 females at the end of the series receive cash prizes!

One of the great things about the Spring Sprint 5k course was only about 2.5 miles from our house, so I was able to check out the course ahead of time. I knew that there were two sections that may cause some trouble. The first hill section of the Spring Sprint 5k was around the 2 mile mark, and then the second hill section was around 2.5 miles to 2.75 miles into the race.

altra the one spring sprint 5kI ran the Spring Sprint 5k in my size 12.5 Altra The One Red and Black running shoes. I do have the Yellow version, which are a size 13 and I use that pair for longer distance races. I decided to use the red and black Altra The One shoes because they’re a smaller fit, so for shorter distances they’ll work just fine.

There were some fast folks who had their toes on the line at the start of the Spring Sprint 5k!

The Triple Crown 2016 overall winner, Alan, was at the race, then there were two guys named Jason who are also smoking fast. Another guy named Travis, who has run faster than me was there, too. The race started and those four guys took off, I tucked in behind them. There were a few others who sprinted out ahead from the start, but faded within 0.25 miles of the start.

Within about a half mile of the race, I was sitting in fourth place behind Jason, Jason, and Alan. Travis was right behind me and I could hear his footsteps! The 5k distance is really tough for me as it’s all out for the 3.1 miles. By the time I hit the hill around the 2 mile mark, I felt my lungs starting to seize up due to the all out effort, but I kept it together.

Once I got over that hill, I pushed forward knowing that there was only a mile left. I hit the last hill section and that was worse, I slowed down a little bit more and I thought that Travis was going to catch up to me. Once I crested the hill and made the final turn, it was a straight shot to the finish with a tiny bit of downhill. I pushed the pace to try to keep the distance between Travis and me, and I crossed the line with a time of 17:24, which is not a PR, but still a pretty good 5k time considering I ran 28.7 miles the week before at the Covenant Health Knoxville Half Marathon and Marathon Relay!

It felt good to pull off 4th overall at the Spring Sprint 5k!

Spring Sprint 5kI finally made the 1st place age group club with Brent and Mark, who are my training partners who typically dominate their age groups and the Grand Masters categories! Congrats to all who showed up and helped out with the Spring Sprint 5k!

Next week, I’ll be running in the 121st Boston Marathon. Check out the Boston Marathon Live Stream if you’re interested in watching live when the race starts at 10 AM Eastern Time on April 17th.


Check out the full results to the Spring Sprint 5k here!

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