Proper running goals are great ways to stay motivated to run and reach new levels of accomplishment.  Think about your goals and think about certain things you want to develop for the future seasons, too.  Try not to limit yourself just to this season, so you can set yourself up for success in the next few seasons, too. I have devised some easy tips for setting proper running goals that are truly attainable:

Be realistic: So, first of all try not to set yourself up for failure by setting goals that are extremely high.  You have a much higher chance of succeeding at reaching your goals if you make them realistic.  I am not saying that you should not dream, but make sure that your goals equal out to your time available to spend training, the amount of time you are wanting to shave off, avoiding injury, and being consistent with your nutrition and training.

proper running goals runhikejumpFor example, if your current 5K time is 30:00 and you want to run a sub-18:00 within 3 months, that is most likely not going to happen; HOWEVER, you can start working towards your goals and putting in the work so that you CAN run your goal time a few months down the road: do your mobility movements, eat smart, be consistent!

Don’t over-burden yourself: If you set too much on your platter, you might become burnt out and not reach any of your goals.  Think about a few goals that are of most important to you, focus on them, and take the proper steps towards achieve them.  Be fully aware of what you are able to handle so that you can avoid stress as much as possible.

Set smaller goals within your larger goals: First off, if you’re a new runner and you want to run a marathon, think about the small steps it is going to take to get to a marathon.  You will need to think about first completing a 5k, then 10k, 1/2 marathon, and finally your marathon.  Couch to Marathon programs are not highly recommended… that’s why they start with couch-to-5k programs, and once people complete a 5k, they tend to want to take the steps to longer distances.

If you’re wanting to stay healthy through all of the training towards your marathon goal you will need to think about proper running form, injury prevention, and possibly even hiring a Running Coach or a pacer.

Most importantly, you MUST have FUN!

What running goals do you have?

Make the Most out of your Mileage!

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