I love running shoes.

For a long time, I have been a fan of having multiple options for running shoes. I don’t want to put all my eggs into one basket for having one or two pairs of shoes when one might get soaked, one might get ripped, etc. So, I tend to have several options for shoes.

running shoes runhikejumpNow, I will tell you… I am very picky about my running shoes. Before 2011 I ran in whatever shoes I could find for cheap. I ran in Brooks Adrenaline, a few different Saucony shoes, Nike Frees, etc. I then took a long hard look at running shoes and running efficiency and decided to go the minimal route. Since 2011 I’ve run in minimalistic shoes that are mostly zero drop from heel to toe. Some of them may have been 4mm of heel-toe drop, but that’s it. I definitely enjoy running in my lightweight minimal (or even considered barefoot style) shoes.

When we were building our tiny house, we knew that we had to create some space for all of my shoes. I mean, I probably have more shoes than my wife, most of which are for running.

Here’s a list of my current inventory for shoes I run in:

  • Brooks Pure Drift – Orange.
    • These shoes were given to me by one of my best friends. They didn’t work well for him and he thought I would enjoy them. I do enjoy them. I don’t run in them too often, but I do wear them while walking around quite a bit. I’ve even hiked in them and they have done great!
  • New Balance Minimus MT00 – Black and Blue.
    • I ran the Knoxville Marathon and Derby Festival Marathon in these shoes. I’ve done a lot of training in these shoes, so they might be nearing the end of their good running. I may be able to get a few hundred miles out of them still. They’re so comfortable!
  • New Balance Minimus MT00 – Green and Black.
  • New Balance Minimus MT00 – Orange.
    • I’ve worn these maybe once. They’re practically brand new and I’m waiting until my other shoes die out before lacing these up.
  • New Balance Minimus MR00 – Green.
    • These have been worn maybe twice on the road since my previous pair of MR00s have passed. I really loved my previous pair of these shoes, so I’ll definitely be running several hundred miles in these puppies.
  • New Balance MT20 – Orange.
    • These have had many, many miles on them. They’re a great trail shoe although since I’ve worn them so much, the bottoms are becoming very thin. They’ve lasted a long, long time, so I’m not sad to see them wear out. I am sad that NB has changed the new versions a lot and have heard that they’re much different in terms of fit and feel.
  • Skora Core – Silver.
    • I do love these zero drop shoes. They’ve got a nice and wide toe box, so there’s no toe cramping like most traditional she’s have. They’re much heavier (by a few ounces) than any other pair of shoes I currently own, so I have bene trying to do a lot of my training in them, so that when race day comes, I’ll wear lighter shoes and ideally that’ll make it easier to run farther, faster due to the light shoes.

running shoes runhikejumpI have really heard great things about Altra running shoes and would love to try them and review them the future. Skora also has some other running shoes that loot really nice, like their FIT, PHASE, and TEMPO. I still want to give XERO running sandals a try, so maybe one of these days I’l either buy some to run in and review, or maybe I’ll be lucky enough to get receive a comped pair to test out! Some other running shoe brands I’d like to try include Vivobarefoot, Merrell, and Inov-8.

As the months go on and more miles are run, running shoes will have to come and go.

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