Training Plans

Targeted training plans to get you to set your next PR!

12 week training plans (any distance): $80
16-20 week training plans (any distance): $120

This is a great option if you feel like you need help focusing on your goals and organizing your training but are confident in fulfilling your training plans on your own. This service allows you to not have to worry about what you should do next, as the plan has it all there so you can focus on your running.

Tired of aimlessly following a generic training program found in a book or online? Have a specific race in mind such as a half marathon or a marathon? Eager to beat last year’s PR? Wish you had a training plan created just for you? Most generic training schedules account only for a runner’s perceived ability (beginner, intermediate, advanced) without factoring in current fitness, specific training targets, running history or lifestyle. I’m delighted to offer fully personalized self-managed training programs based on your needs and for whatever race distance you wish: a fully customized training plan for you from start to finish! With this service, in addition to the Assessment, I will create a daily training plan to direct you towards your goal race. The training plan is all yours to use how you want!

Please keep in mind that you must be confident in executing a training plan on your own with this option. If you feel like you require more of a hands-on approach with coaching, consider the Personalized Coaching option.


  • …a full daily calendar of workouts just for you from day one through race day.
  • …specific pacing targets and workout strategies for each run/quality workout.
  • …plan structure designed for a single ‘A’ race.
  • …training tips and theory built into the plan.

Need help figuring out which running service is right for you? Let’s discuss via email at runhikejump @!

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