Personalized Coaching

Very useful for those targeting a particular "A" Race they want to set a personal record at.


Personalized Coaching (one-on-one online training) is the most popular running service offered for training.This coaching option is great for those running planning to target an “A” race within a few months, such as a 5k, 10k, half or full marathon. With this option you will receive very personalized as we create an adjustable weekly training plan to get you from here to the finish line on race day at your best.

This option is great for newer runners who may be intimidated by the challenge of attempting a new distance using a training plan without the ongoing guidance of a coach or, conversely, for the accomplished athlete seeking a new personal best (a new marathon PR or a Boston Marathon qualifier perhaps). Your training will be customized online for you in a simple format, tailored to your goal(s) and, most importantly, your lifestyle. Take the guesswork out of your training and benefit from hands-on coaching! This coaching option requires an Assessment.


  • …personal training plans delivered weekly via email.
  • …ongoing customizations to accommodate your goals, your schedule and your fitness.
  • …full availability to ask questions about anything running-related via email, phone, or video call.
  • …use of the online training log to view workouts and record your results.
  • …daily email reminders to manage your training and your schedule.
  • …specific pacing targets and training strategies for each run – crucial for quality workouts.
  • …training and racing tips built into your workout notes.
  • …first month pro-rated.

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