Run 4 H2O 5k

Run 4 H2O 5k courseThe Run 4 H2O 5k was another one of those last minute events for me. I saw that one fast guy, Gideon, for sure was going to be there so I knew I’d have some competition. Since the Run 4 H2O 5k was one week before the Covenant Health Knoxville Half and Full Marathon.

My wife and I arrived to Victor Ashe Park in Knoxville where the Run 4 H2O 5k was being held. I picked up my race bib number and headed out for a warm up. I originally wanted to grab about 3-5 miles of a warm up before the Run 4 H2O 5k began since 5k races are really tough for me!

Due to time constraints and the need to use the restroom, I only ran about 1.6 miles of a warm up before the Run 4 H2O 5k.

There was only one hill on the course I was worried about since it was an out and back style course. Within the first mile, there was a nice downhill. That meant the last mile would have a nice uphill to go up before a relatively flat finish.

The gun went off to begin the Run 4 H2O 5k!

Run 4 H2O 5k - gideon and willThere were three of us that were running pretty fast during the first 1/2 mile or so, Gideon, another man, and me. Within one mile from the start the third guy fell off pace so it was just Gideon and me pushing forward. The first mile was quick, it was around a 5:20 pace and I felt pretty good. The second mile we were still together and we slowed down to about a 5:30.

Heading up the big hill towards the finish, at about 2.25 miles in, my stomach started to feel weird and I wasn’t sure if I could “make it” to the finish without crapping myself… so I slowed down a little bit to ensure I didn’t embarrass myself. Gideon kept pushing forward surely to win. With about 0.25 miles left my stomach felt okay again, so I worked on picking the pace up. I crossed the line 17 seconds behind Gideon in second place.

I set an official Personal Record for a 5k at the Run 4 H2O 5k!

My time was 17:10 for the 5k. I do have an unofficial PR of 16:50 from 2013, but that was just during a training run and not during a race, but I should be able to get into the 16 minute race again this year!

I ran in the following items at the Run 4 H2O 5k:

Shoes: Altra Thaltra the one run 4 h2o 5ke One Red and Black running shoes. I do have the Yellow version, which are a size 13 and I use that pair for longer distance races. I decided to use the red and black Altra The One shoes because they’re 12.5, so for shorter distances they’ll work just fine.

Altra has made my list for the best zero drop running shoes. The Altra “The One” is a lightweight shoe made for running fast with light cushioning. So far, I’m very excited about how they’ve performed at the races so far in 2017 and I hope to race in these for many longer distance type races to come.

injinji whitestone 30kRunning Socks: Ever since 2011, any time I have decided to race, I’ve almost always run in Injinji socks. They’ve always been phenomenal for me and thus far, I’ve had no blister issues with them regardless of distance and pace. Injinji socks are some of the best running socks!

Running Singlet: I ran in my SWORD singlet since this was not a KTC specific event and did not have to wear my Team Health Shoppe singlet! I am glad to represent such a great company. I have known the founders for about 5 years and they’re fantastic people and their products are great, too! Drink Sword and give them a try at or ask me for a sample! Check them out on instagram and Facebook, too!

Running Shorts: I decided to run in my 1990s UMBRO shorts that were passed down to me about 20 years ago from my mom. Thanks, Mom!  The shorts can be seen in the racing pictures in this post or similar shorts can be seen HERE, too!

Running Watch: I used my Garmin Forerunner 310XT, which is still kicking and holding strong, regardless of being probably 10 years old! It’s definitely one of the best Garmin watches available STILL, even as old as it is. I am looking to eventually get something a little newer, like a Garmin 235, which some of my running partners have.

Check Runsignup for the official results of the Run 4 H2O 5k.

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