RockNRollMan 2018

ROCKNROLLMANIt’s official! On September 29, 2018 I’ll be racing the long course RockNRollMan! The race is hosted by @ga_multisports at the RockNRollMan multisport event! There will be a long course triathlon, a long course duathlon, an olympic triathlon and a sprint triathlon.

I’m planning on using the RockNRollMan event to test my fitness in preparation for my 2018 BHAG at the @multirace USATriathlon Nationals in November 2018! I’ll be excited to see how having 4 different events going on at once plays into logistics on the bike and second part of the run! Of course, I’ll be wearing my 2018 Triathlon Team kit for Team Health Shoppe Zen Evo!

The RockNRollMan duathlon is a bit shorter than the MiamiMan Half Iron Duathlon that is the long course national championships. RNRMan is a 5k run, 56 mile bike, followed with a 13.1 mile run!

Currently I’ve got a Giro Advantage 2 triathlon helmet. I’m looking to trade it out for a Giro Selector or even the Giro Aerohead MIPS for a smidge better aerodynamic factor. I’ll be using my race bike, my Specialized Shiv with FLO 90 front and FLO Disc! For a half distance race, I will not be using a down tube bottle. I’ll have one on my bike after the first Transition, then I’ll grab one during the three aid stations on the bike course, which should keep me hydrated going into Transition 2 and the run!

I’m very excited to be able to test my fitness at this race. I think it’ll be a great chance to see how much I can push myself in the humidity and heat leading into MiamiMan Long Course Duathlon.


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