In an effort to keep myself on track, I’ve officially registered for the 2017 Derby Marathon!

The 2017 Derby Marathon will be the FIFTH time participating in this event. So far I have run in the 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2016 Derby Marathons. I’m so pumped to do the 2017 Derby Marathon!

**If you haven’t read the race recap for the Derby Festival Marathon for 2016, click on that link and you can check it out. It was a pretty spectacular event. It was pouring down rain starting around mile 8 and the last 10k was fantastic!**

I went into the 2016 Derby Marathon with a small, solid amount of training. I wasn’t able to fully push for a time that I wanted and that’s alright. But, knowing the course, knowing that I can run well on the course whether it is hot, cold, rainy, dry provides more proof that with solid training I could do really well at the 2017 Derby Marathon!

My BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) for the 2017 Derby Marathon is top 3 overall.

Based on this year’s results, third place was 2:42:50 which is a 6:12 per mile average.

I definitely believe this is possible for me to run at least a 2:35:00 with consistent training. I’m on week 4 of my training plan leading me to the Greenway Half Marathon in Nashville, TN in October and I’ve been seeing some great progress so far, even though it’s been nearly 100% distance without specific speed work. I have mixed in some efforts – FARTLEK style – during my runs, which has helped!

My buddy, James, that I ran the 2016 Derby with is also registered for 2017! So we’re both be doing this race again and we’re both stoked. Even if we don’t run together, it’s becoming a tradition that we run this race. It was the first marathon we both completed back in 2011. There’s something special about this race.

You can register for the 2017 Derby Marathon HERE!

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