Rebel Run 10k

The Rebel Run 10k was in Maryville, TN. The Rebel Run was one of the largest local races I’ve ever seen for not having prize money, prizes, etc. The race was hosted and put on to support the local school systems and they mentioned there were over 600 people there participating in the kids fun run, the 5k, and the 10k.

When I got to the packet pick up the morning of the Rebel Run I was a little nervous since there was quite a crowd. I was unsure what the competition would be like with that many people, lots of unknowns about the local race scene since the last “race” I did in the area was the Independence Day 5k back in the beginning of July.

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I toed the line with my friend Brent near me and then the gun went off. Right away there were three of us pushing the pace, Brent, some tall guy who I later befriended named Jeremy, and myself. Brent was pushing the pace hard within the first mile, zooming through the corners at somewhere in the 5:xx pace. At about the first mile, the three of us were still together and in single file. I was in the lead, Jeremy slightly behind, and Brent chasing after him. By mile 2 things had stretched out a bit more. I had about a 30 second lead over 2nd place.

Heading into the middle section of the race, we hit some hills and they sure hurt! I continued along and the volunteers along the route were great! At one of the aid stations, the fire-fighters had opened a fire hydrant to spray the runners down. It was fantastic. At the mid-way point, which was roughly at the fire-hydrant aid station, I did not see the 2nd place runner, but I knew not to slow down. There was a slight downhill section where I tried my very best to keep the legs open and not hit the breaks. The downhills, when letting the legs loose like that, can be heavy on the muscles, but so can slowing yourself down.

rebel run 10k peyton manningAround mile 5, the 10k merged with the 5k and we headed home. As I rounded one of the last turns, I still had no view of 2nd place. The last mile was pretty painful. It had several uphill sections that seemed to go on for a long, long way. Once I saw the school, where the Rebel Run began, I knew that the finish line was only seconds away. I hit the top of the hill, looked back and had no view of 2nd still, and waved to the people cheering the 5k runners and myself on. I gave high fives, jumped across the finish line on the football field, found my wife and took a seat on the football field. Moments later, second place came in, it was Jeremy. Third place went to Brent, who said he had a great time considering the course!

That was the second ever 10k I competed in and it was great! I even got to hang out with cardboard Peyton Manning! I am hoping to get my training back in order since the Greenway Marathon is coming up very soon!

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