Zipp Tangente Platinum Pro Evo Brake Pads

$29.99 (as of August 20, 2018, 3:30 am)

Material: Zipp proprietary compound
Compatibility: Shimano, Campagnolo
Recommended Use: braking on carbon road wheels



So, you’re inevitably wondering what’s new in the world of Zipp? Simply put, everything. From its wheels to its brake pads, 2013 sees a complete reinvent across the board. And for the Tangente Platinum Pro Evo Brake Pads, Zipp has improved nearly every aspect over its prior iterations. Now, when we think of brake pads, we’re forced to examine their explicit function — braking. And, as we all know, the functionality of braking is measured by braking power — something that has long plagued carbon braking surfaces, both tubular and clincher. Challenging this preconception, Zipp increased the surface area of the new Tangente pads, accordingly increasing their braking power by around 10%. Running a close second to braking power is that of pad durability, and this where Zipp achieved the largest headway. The new Tangente pads feature a 1mm reduction in their width from the holder. This increases clearance for larger tires, wider rims, and the ever-growing integrated brake systems. Additionally, while the width is decreased, the pads’ radial height is increased. This plays into the larger surface area that we mentioned, accordingly increasing the pad life of the Tangente. And just importantly, this new dimensional design spreads out heat over a larger area of the braking surface and rim. So, basic logic tells us that a lower rim temperature will increase the braking effectiveness and durability of the pads. You’ll also find that these Tangente pads feature a new groove design. Why? Well, Zipp says that the grooves improve rim temperatures and also braking power in wet conditions. Essentially, the grooves sweep water off of the rim, while also channeling air over it. So, you can expect a drier and cooler braking surface in nearly any conceivable condition. The Zipp Tangente Platinum Pro Evo Brake Pads are available in the color Grey and in both Campagnolo and Shimano/SRAM brake pad holder compatibilities.
Material: Zipp proprietary compound
Compatibility: Shimano, Campagnolo
Recommended Use: braking on carbon road wheels
Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years

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