Hamilton NightGlow 2018

The Hamilton NightGlow 2018 in Ohio Cincinnati is going to be epic!

Register for the Hamilton NightGlow 2018 with the code: “GLOW” for $5 off for the 10k, the half marathon, or the full marathon!!!!

Come join me and several of my friends as we run the NightGlow 2018! Http://hamiltonNightGlow.com !!!!!

The Hamilton NightGlow is one of the last 2019 Boston Marathon qualifiers before the BQ cut off, as Boston 2019 applications will open in mid to late September. The course is fast and flat compared to the Knoxville area!

More than likely I’ll be running the Hamilton NightGlow in my Altra THE ONE shoes because they’re awesome! I also used my Garmin ForeRunner 230 in RUN mode to keep track of my mileage and pace with the GPS + GLONASS on for more accurate tracking. Be sure to register for the 2018 Hamilton NightGlow with the code “GLOW” for $5 off!

See what other races I’ve got going on this year!

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