New Altra Escalante

Oh baby! Look at my new kicks!!!! My favorite!!! @altrarunning Escalante !!!!!! These Altra running shoes are so awesome!!!!!!! I now have two pair of the new Altra Escalante! Back around June or so I received a blue pair of the Escalante. I made two videos about them – see below! I’m an absolute Altra Running fanboy. I’ve got about 10 pair of different Altra shoes and they’re all pretty fantastic in their own way!

I plan on using the Altra Escalante in a few races in 2018, but I’ll probably do most of my racing in the Altra The One racing shoe.

Video: New Altra Escalante Running Shoes – First Impressions!


Video: Altra Escalante – Thoughts on the shoe without the insert

Oh baby! Look at my new #kicks !!!! My favorite!!! @altrarunning #escalante !!!!!! These #altra #running #shoes are so #flipping #awesome!!!!!!!
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