May 2016 Goals

may 2016 goalsDuring May 2016, I’ve decided to set out some goals. This will be good for me to keep track of where I am, where I want to go, etc. Some of these include running related goals, some are related to the website, some are related to our tiny house, and so on…

My May 2016 Goals for Running include…

  • Kentucky Ale Horse Capital Marathon on May 21st – Goal Time – 2:55!
    • I really want to Boston Qualify at this Marathon. It’s a hilly course, but I should be able to do just fine as I’m feeling pretty strong, especially after the last 10k of the Derby Festival Marathon (read about it in the link)! The Race Organizers of the Kentucky Ale Horse Capital Marathon have mentioned that anyone who qualifies for Boston at this year’s race (3:05:00 or better for my age group) will get reimbursed for their Boston Marathon entry for 2017! COOL!
  • Run Training Mileage Goal – 325 miles.
    • I ran right around 300 miles in April 2016 and feel that I can absolutely hit 325 miles for my May 2016 goals. Basically, that boils down to nearly 10.5 miles per day as an average. That’s totally doable, as most of my planned runs are right around there anyway. Some will be longer, some will be shorter.
  • To find a few more races to do as currently the only two I am officially registered for are the Horse Capital Marathon on May 21st and the Nashville Ultra Marathon on November 5th. Since moving to Tennessee from California (read about it on our Epic Tiny House blog), I’ve been able to run in two events, the Knoxville and Derby marathons, but I want to participate in more events, especially since there are so many local events, but I’ve held back on registering due to funds, having to work, and figuring out adventures to plan for Run Hike Jump!
  • To decide whether or not to pre-register for the Derby Festival Marathon 2017 ($65 plus processing fee) or the Nashville Rock’n’Roll Marathon 2017 ($59 plus processing fee) before the registration prices increase. The Derby price increases May 14th and Nashville increases on May 8th.
  • To meet more running friends and contacts! Meeting people in the local running community would be a great way to meet running friends to train with! Since most of my training is done on my own, it’d be awesome to run with other folks with similar time goals.
  • Stretch daily! Especially my achilles and calves. Trigger Point is super essential, too, to release some of the tightness from running so much.

My May 2016 Goals for other aspects of life include…

  • Hike more!
    • I really want take my wife to at least one state park or national park per month to explore and hike the trails. There are so many places to hike, waterfalls to stare in awe at, and other beautiful places to see within a relatively short drive from where we live. It’s time to get out more and explore!
  • Post at least twice per week on this site.
  • Send out two emails per week trying to promote this website for sponsored posts, race entries, etc.
  • Finish up a website that a friend and I have been working on. More details later…
  • Break even on my blog/website expenses!
    • It’s a big goal of mine to at some point be able to make some money from blogging and YouTube videos for our Tiny House. Part of the whole idea of tiny house living was to be able to live life how we want to… not having to work extremely stressful jobs, being able to explore, etc. I think that with this blog and the Epic Tiny House blog, by the end of the summer, the wife and I should be able to earn some income from sponsored posts, advertisements, etc.
  • Post at least once per week on Epic Tiny House.
  • Upload one video to YouTube per week for Epic Tiny House.

All in all, May should be a pretty great month. I’m excited for what has already happened in it and I’m excited for what will come.

Keep on keeping on!

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