Man Run 10k Race Recap

The Man Run 10k was not even on my race radar until about two days before the actual event! Similar to the Rebel Run 10k, I heard about the Man Run 10k during one of the Foothill Striders group runs.

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We didn’t have any plans that weekend, so I decided to sign up. The Man Run 10k was hosted over by the UT Medical Center in North Alcoa near downtown Knoxville. The event, which also had a 5k and 1/2 mile walk, was hosted for the 9th year to raise awareness and funds for prostate health promotion.

man run 10k course mapI was unsure how hilly the course would be because the course map was hand drawn, which was interesting. (See image)

Before the gun went off, there was a sea of people that I had to squeeze through to make my way to the front row. Immediately after the start, there was a pretty nasty hill. The gun went off and one person took off, I tucked in behind him and there was a pretty large gap back to the next person about a minute into the race. I pushed the pace a little on the first downhill to try to make up some distance on the leader and was about 2 seconds behind him for about a mile. He continued to sprint ahead and I tried to remain steady with my pace.

About 2 miles in I was running on my own in second place. The leader and third place were out of sight. It continued that way for the rest of the race. The second half of the Man Run 10k was rough! The rolling hills were brutal. I definitely was not even close to running a negative split. the first 5k was not so bad and I completed that in about 18 flat. The second half had some hard hills and I suffered.

I crossed the line in second place overall at 0:38:51. I won my age group, which was pretty cool! Even our EpicTinyHouse kitty liked the medal! Not bad for signing up for the race last minute and for a hilly course!man run 10k age group winner

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