LEAP 5k Race Recap

One week after the Derby Marathon race, I raced in the LEAP 5k. The L.E.A.P. 5k was a charity event for the Ladies of Charity and one of my good friends was the race director, so naturally, I wanted to support my friend and his event.

Since the LEAP 5k was only 7 days after the Derby Marathon, I was unsure how my legs would feel. Thankfully my legs were mostly recovered, but seemed like they were not at full steam yet. I still pushed hard.

LEAP 5k Race RecapOn race morning, my wife and I volunteered with course set up for the L.E.A.P. 5k for about 2 hours. Once our volunteer shift was over, I started to get ready for the race. There were some of the big names in the Knoxville area there at the L.E.A.P. 5k. One of the awesome things about the L.E.A.P. 5k was the prize list. The overall winners received hand-made glass-blown kaleidoscopes, so I definitely wanted to put on a good race.

The LEAP 5k began with the standard race pistol!

Right from the get-go there were six people ahead of me, all but two were the typical fast guys in the Knoxville area. The other two that were ahead of me were some young kids who took off in a sprint. I ended up passing them about one quarter mile into the race. As I moved up to fifth place, the two leaders were a good distance ahead. Third place was a few seconds ahead of me, while I was about one second behind fourth place, who happened to end up being my good friend, Gideon.

At the turn around point, since the LEAP 5k was a relatively flat out and back course, the lead five runners, including me, were all holding strong. Gideon and I ran side by side for about 1.25 miles and yet again just like at the Run 4 H2O 5k in March, at around 2.75 miles into the 5k, Gideon pushed the pace and left me in the dust.

LEAP 5k Race RecapI ended up finishing the LEAP 5k in fifth place with a 17:17 5k time! That ended up being good enough for a second place in the 25-29 age group. Gideon ended up finishing a few seconds ahead of me, winning our age group. That dude is a fast guy!

I’m pleased with my performance at the LEAP 5k, although I would have liked to have placed a few places higher. The winning time was 15:55 by another smoking fast guy, named Jason. Jason also won the Spring Sprint 5k in April.

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I ran in the following items at the LEAP 5k:

Shoes: Altra Thaltra the one run 4 h2o 5ke One. Altra has made my list for the best zero drop running shoes. The Altra “The One” is a lightweight shoe made for running fast with light cushioning. So far, I’m very excited about how they’ve performed at the races so far in 2017 and I hope to race in these for many longer distance type races to come.

Running Socks: Ever since 2011, any time I have decided to race, I’ve almost always run in Injinji socks. They’ve always been phenomenal for me and thus far, I’ve had no blister issues with them regardless of distance and pace. Injinji socks are some of the best running socks!

Running Singlet: I ran in my Team Health Shoppe singlet! I am glad to represent such a great team. I also wore my  Drink Sword visor – give them a try at http://DRINKSWORD.com or ask me for a sample! Check them out on instagram and Facebook, too!

Running Shorts: I ran in my Brooks black and yellow shorts!

Running Watch: I used my Garmin 230It’s definitely one of the best Garmin watches available.

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