July Goals 2016

July Goals for Training.

The training mileage goals for July is a little different than June. I viewed June as a big build up and it was just that. I ran very high mileage weeks with not much effort or focus on speed work at all. Since I feel like the base mileage is getting there, I’m going to plan on implementing a little more speed work. This plays well into the training plan because I’ve got some speed-focused events in July.  To work into my July Goals, I’m setting a goal for at least 300 miles, slightly fewer miles than my Goals for June.

July Goals for Races.

As of right now, I’m signed up for three events in July. But these three events play into my July Goals because they’re based on testing speed. I’m signed up for the One Nation Under God – Independence Day 5K in Sweetwater, TN on July 4th. I’m also signed up for the Knoxville Track Club‘s Thursday Nights at the Track.

For the Independence Day 5k, my goal is 17:30-17:45. I’ve heard it’s a relatively flat course, which seems odd for eastern Tennessee. Hopefully my legs will feel fresh and alive to pump out a fast time.

july goals 2016 trackThe Thursday Nights at the Track seems like it’ll be great. It’s split into two nights, July 14th and July 21st. On July 14th, I’ll be doing the 400m, 800m, Mile and 4 x 400m relay events. On July 21st, I’m signed up for the Mile and the 4 x 800M relay. For the relays, they randomly assign your relay teammates. It’ll be fun!

My goals for the July 14th events are: 400m – 1:20, 800m – 2:20, Mile – 5:05 and 4 x 400m relay – 1:20 on my portion.

My goals for the July 21st events are: the Mile – 5:00 and the 4 x 800M relay – 2:20 on my portion.

July Goals for Hiking.

Realistically, I’d like to hike at least two new places for July. June had zero hikes and that was a bummer, but we were also fairly busy with work, running (a lot), and mystery shopping.

We do go out and walk a little bit on the trail near our house, and while that’s still gorgeous and exciting, we want to explore new places, too.

July Goals for Travel.

For July, we’re going to be traveling to Ohio for a super quick trip. We’re going to drive up, see my Grandma and Great Grandma, then go to my wife’s family reunion, then see one of my wife’s best friends on the way back. It’ll be another whirlwind trip, but that’s ok!

Aside from that travel trip, we don’t have much else planned. We may book tickets for a trip out to California in November to see my mom and friends! We also have a free zip-lining experience in San Jose that expires in April. We definitely want to use that before it expires.

July Goals for Work-Related Agendas.

Since my wife and I both work from home, we have a little more freedom. We both can choose when we want to work. My goal for my job for July is to work 25 hours a week, not an hour more.

For my other work, such as the websites, YouTube channel, etc., I really want to continue posting, making videos, and expanding my thoughts on what I could turn this into. Ideally, a big goal would to be able to pay our rent with website revenue. That’s a work in progress and will take time, unless something we does goes viral! HAHA!

Another work-related venture we’ve been doing is mystery shopping, but it’s a secret, SHH! Nearly anytime we have plans are going out, whether for business meetings, running group runs, etc, we try to convenience ourselves with some mystery shops in the same area.  It’s been fun to not only do them, but also receive compensation for things we’d do anyway.  My goal for July with mystery shopping is to submit enough shopping reports to cover the expenses for the Ohio trip.

July is going to be a great month, I know it! Many great things will happen! Check out my Goals for June 2016 to see how the compare to July.


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