Independence Day 5k Race Recap!

Independence 5k Race Recap 1I wasn’t originally planning on running in the Independence Day 5k in Sweetwater, TN. One of my running pals from the Foothill Striders mentioned it was a pretty nice and flat course. I ended up signing up about a week before the race.

When we arrived to the race venue in Sweetwater, there were a lot more people than I expected! I was a little nervous since this was the first 5k I was signed up for in over 4 years!

I set a goal to complete the Independence Day 5k between 17:30 and 17:45. When the dust settled and I crossed the line, it was slightly over that goal at 17:47. The Garmin 310 XT showed that the course was a little over 3.1 miles, but that’s no big deal. It was a great race regardless!

Independence 5k Race Recap 1From the time that the gun went off and the running began, I was focused on staying steady. I did not want to surge out to the front and then be picked off by runners later in the race due to starting to hard. A few folks surged ahead within the first minute of the race and by the first turn around about 0.5 miles in, I was settled right behind the lead runner. We ran side by side occasionally. I felt like he tried to throw a few surges in there to drop me, but I stayed steady and tucked right behind him. At the second turn around, which was around mile 2, we were still neck and neck. My buddy, Brent, was a little ways behind us in third place.

Independence 5k Race Recap 2Going into the last mile, I thought maybe the guy I was running with would fade a little bit. He didn’t. We kicked up the pace a little bit towards the end of mile three. We were getting close to the finish line and he surged with about 0.1 miles to go. I had no kick in my legs, but I felt strong holding steady, so I did just that. He crossed the like about 7 or 8 seconds ahead of me. I finished, as mentioned earlier, in 17:47 and immediately gave the winner a hand shake and congratulated him. I’m pleased with my result considering I haven’t done a 5k in over 4 years and haven’t been focusing on much speed work lately.

It was nearly 2 hours after the we completed the race that they did the award ceremony. I ended up winning my age group!

I had a great time at the Independence Day 5k and will definitely consider doing the event again next year!

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