Wednesday I decided it was time to do something I hadn’t intentionally done in training for a long time. It was time for an exciting hill repeat workout!

There’s a decent sized hill where we live on the drive we have to go on to get to our house. It rolls a little bit in the beginning and then it kicks up towards the end. It really feels like it kicks up towards the end, but according to (one of the easy to remember route-mapping sites I regularly use… sadly, no, I have no affiliation and am not sponsored by them.. yet!) and the elevation profile they have on the site, the end kicker shows as only 12%. I swear, during the hill repeat workout it felt like the last 0.05 miles of it was 30%.

Hill Repeat Workout run hike jumpI mapped out the distance and figured out how many repeats I wanted to do for the hill repeat workout and I came to a total of eight repeats.

I ram a little over 1 mile nice and easy as a warm-up, then did some mobility movements before beginning the hill repeat workout.  I used my Garmin ForeRunner 310XT on the workout section so I could keep track of how long each repeat was. Since this was the first time doing the hill repeat workout, I had no idea how long it’d take for each interval. I used the “Open” and “repeat” portions of the Workout function. It worked well.

After the warm-up, the fun began. Holy smokes. It hurt. I felt like I was going to vomit at the top… ON REPEAT NUMBER ONE! Oh boy, this was going to be loads of fun. I made my way down the hill, trying to grasp for air and recover for the next seven. Average rest period was around four minutes. Then they continued. The first five I was able to stay pretty consistent with time, all coming in within three seconds or so from the first one.  The sixth one hurt really bad and was about six seconds off the time of the first one. Seven and Eight were right where they needed to be within that three-second window. For the sake of knowing, the fastest repeat was the third at 1:43 and the average was about 1:46.  Not half bad consider this repeat workout was the day after 17 miles on the Knoxville Greenway System!

I feel pretty confident that the rolling hills in the upcoming races for the Derby Festival Marathon and the Kentucky Ale Horse Capital Marathon (if I am able to do that race) should not be an issue and I should be able to perform well.

Once I finished the repeats, I headed on the trails to round out the mileage. All in all, I ran 7 miles total. We also hiked a short 0.75 (one way) on the trails to the twin bald rocks on the cliff, for a total of 1.5 miles hiked! 8.5 miles total. Another great day in the books as I work on getting myself in better shape to run more personal records and help pace others to their personal bests!

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