Gobbler Half Marathon Race Recap

The Gobbler Half Marathon was a race that I signed up to pace several months ago. I agreed to be a pacer for the 1:30 group via Beast Pacing. The Gobbler Half Marathon was also a first year event put on by RaceRise up in Lexington, KY. I still hadn’t received my Beast Pacing t-shirt, so I ran in the shirt I wore at the 7 Bridges Marathon where I paced the 3:30 marathon group and successfully completed the Strava Back Half Challenge, running a negative split!gobbler half marathon race recap

I ran with a great group of people for a few miles, then i encouraged them to take off ahead of me before the finish line so they could get their best time and a better overall position! It was definitely the right thing to do.

The course ended up being short by just about 0.10 miles, so I came in about 45 seconds ahead of the 1:30 time. My time was 1:29:14. If the course had been the accurate distance, I would have come in just seconds before the 1:30 time which would have been better. Coming within one minute or so is still acceptable in terms of pacing!

At the end of the Gobbler Half Marathon I had to wait at the finish line with my pacing sign to pass it on to the next pacer. She came in a few minutes ahead of her 1:40 time, but that’s alright. We talked a bit, I grabbed some finishers some water bottles and then grabbed some food. The wind started to pick up after a few minutes. I was sweaty from running, so the wind made me feel cold. I wanted to wait until the first page of results was posted before leaving.

Once the results page was posted, I found out I finished 12th overall and 1st in my age group in the Gobbler Half Marathon! It’s cool to know that I can still place well overall and in my age group as a pacer!

The Gobbler Half was my last event for 2016, so it felt nice to go out with an age group win! I’m pretty sure that had I been running the Gobbler Half, I would have either won it or placed top three overall, as the winning time was around 1:20.


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