I’ve got some big goals for June. It will be a big training month.

Looking back at my May 2016 goals, I didn’t hit some of the numbers or marks exactly, but I still did well.

I wanted to get a 2:55 on the Kentucky Ale Horse Capital Marathon, I ended up with a 2:58:34 and a third place overall.  I wanted to run around 325 miles for the month, but considering I ran the Derby Festival Marathon on April 30, then needed to recovery enough to get my legs back for the Horse Capital Marathon, I didn’t quite hit that number. I had to allow myself more recovery than I anticipated, which is totally fine. I ended up running 217.74 miles. That’s really not bad considering the races.

Goals for June

  • Mileage: 350 miles.
    • Since I’m starting an 18-week training program (I’ll try to make a specific post on this soon) on May 29 that will take me right to the Greenway Marathon in October, I’ll be running a lot more. The first 5 weeks will be a progressive mileage build up, so my running volume will increase quite a bit. I’m excited about that. My mileage plan states right around 95 miles per week. I’m going to set the mileage goal for June at 350 to allow for some incidentals where runs may be cut short due to time, weather, etc.
  • Races:
    • I’m still undecided, but I may register for the Tellico Summer Solstice Half-Marathon in Lenoir City on June 19th. If I don’t do the race, then I may go volunteer and then run afterwards.
    • If we’re able to work out some potential options for travel that we’re trying to figure out, there may be some other last minute races I do, but right now, the Tellico race is the only one I’ve got on the potential schedule for races.
  • Run with the Foothill Striders and other groups more frequently.
    • I have really enjoyed running with other people, such as some of the folks from the FootHill Striders. Their runs are slower and shorter distances (about 8:30 pace and normally about 5 miles) but those short, slow runs can be beneficial for just shaking the legs out in the evening after a harder, longer morning run.
  • Stretching and Strength Training.
    • Since I’m going to be running more. I also need to stretch more. Daily.
    • I also am going to do more strength training, as I haven’t been consistent on that. The goal is to do strength training at least 4 times per week. The strength training will not be heavy, it’ll be more focused on light weights and lots of repetitions to build muscular endurance and strength in muscles and that will help me run more efficiently as time progresses.
  • I’m starting a different job in the beginning of June.
    • I’ll be working as a consultant for a company based out of Brooklyn and will only be working 20 hours per week. This should work well since it’s part-time as I’ll need more time for training and recovery. The job also pays much better than the job I previously had, so I’ll no longer be working at the job here in town. Time-value of money just makes sense.
  • Goal of 4,000 views on the site.
    • In May, we had 3,000 views on this site. I’d like to increase that so that we can send some proposals out for sponsorships to review, etc. That’d be an awesome thing. I’ve got a template I’m going to use to send to companies, but I think I may wait a few weeks until there is an increase in traffic.
  • Hike at least 3 cool, new places!
    • The first weekend of June, we’re going to Chattanooga. We’re going to fit in some hiking there.  Aside from that, we’re going to try to hit up a few places as the month goes on. I mean, why not, right?!
  • EpicTinyHouse
    • We’ve been seriously slacking on working on our YouTube and EpicTinyHouse website. We’ve just been a little preoccupied, but hopefully we can at least get things rolling again with that.


I’m excited with how May went, especially since I set a new Marathon PR and qualified for Boston on a challenging, hilly course. I think the goals for June are reasonable and attainable. Consistency is the key!

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