First training weekend of 2018

First training weekend of 2018

The wife and I didn’t have much going on this weekend as she’s been working a lot. I thought it’d be a great chance to take advantage of the First training weekend of 2018!

Saturday morning I ran a nice 13.2 mile run with two training partners in town. I followed that training weekend run with some delicious homemade breakfast burritos. After breakfast, I decided that it was time to settle into the bike trainer for a nice indoor spin on my race bike.   I ended up watching the race from Super League Triathlon 2017 in Jersey for 90 minutes. It was a great first “long” ride of the year on the Blackburn indoor trainer. Soon I’ll receive my ANT+ speed sensor so I can keep track of speed and distance covered inside!

First training weekend of 2018Sunday I decided to spend more time on the bike. I extended the training weekend by riding two more hours on the trainer. I watched more of the Super League Triathlon 2017 series. The Super League is an awesome event, I love the different aspect of it with the mini races within the greater race.

I also ran 7.4 miles Sunday afternoon. I ended up with about 6 hours combined running and biking through the training weekend! Check out the below for the 13.2 mile run from Saturday!

I’ll be having many more big training weekend events in the future. Maybe I’ll eventually sign up for Swift or TrainerRoad or SufferFest. For now, big weekends of training will help get me ready for the RockNRollMan 2018 in September and then my 2018 BHAG at the MiamiMan race in November! For both races, I’ll be racing for my 2018 Triathlon Team – Health Shoppe Zen Evo!

Relive ‘Long run with Brent and Mark’


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