Run Hike Jump – FAQ

Q: What to wear?

A: Wear some sort of active wear that can get wet just in case it rains. Rain does happen and cannot be controlled but have no fear, it’ll still be fun! Any outdoor shoe will do – just make sure they are solid, can get wet, and have good traction. Please, NO FLIP FLOPS! Covering your legs below the knee will help protect against any rough vegetation if you decide to wander off trail.

Q: Where do we meet for hikes and runs?

A: We meet at a location convenient to your run or hike. Some of the most common meeting places include trail head parking lots, public locations convenient to running routes, campgrounds, etc. When you book your reservations, we will email you a confirmation which includes directions to the meeting place. Please give yourself ample time to get to the area, as traffic can get heavy during peak tourist season.

Q: What is provided on your hikes and runs?

A: A knowledgeable, professional guide.

Most hikes include nut-based snacks (trail mix), extra water and emergency ponchos. If you have allergies to nuts, let us know so we can provide alternatives.

Most runs include recommended pre-and-post-run mobility (dynamic stretching), water, and we’ll hold all your extra items (extra water, nutrition, etc.) so you can focus on your run.

Q: What should you bring on your runs or hikes?

A: Comfortable shoes or boots (for hiking). Drinking water. Any food you prefer. Poncho or other light rain gear. Layers for upper elevation hikes. Camera and extra batteries! A day pack or bag to carry your things in.

As most hikes are 4-6 hours, it’s recommended that you bring some sort of munchies you like. We’ll have some trail mix for you, too, but bring what you like.

Most runs will generally be 1 hour or less (depends on what type of event you’re training for and we do specific training run partnerships too if you need longer support). We’ll carry water and some gel, but it’s recommended that you bring some running food/drinks you prefer, too.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: All excursions with RunHikeJump are meant to be enjoyable. We do not charge for serious weather related cancellations.

For Hikes and Runs : For reasons other than weather, hikes and runs canceled by clients within 48 hours of scheduled departure will be charged 50% of cost. Hikes and Runs canceled by clients within 24 hours of scheduled departure will be charged full cost.

Q: What’s with the Jump part of Run Hike Jump?

I love being outside! Running, hiking, and jumping! Taking jumping pictures is always fun during runs and hikes, so why not… Run! Hike! Jump!

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