Calhouns 10 Miler

The Calhouns 10 Miler was another race I signed up for at the last minute. My friend, Mark, convinced me to register and carpool with him, so… you know, peer pressure… I registered!

The Calhouns 10 Miler used to be in Lenoir City, TN but for 2017 they moved it to Oak Ridge, TN. The weather was a little cooler out than the Wanderers Trail Race but I opted to wear my SWORD singlet and old racing shorts. The shoes I ran in were the New Balance MT00 Zero Drop Shoes. I’ve been a fan of those Minimus shoes by New Balance for years, but they don’t make the zero drop line any more.

Calhouns 10 MilerMark and I arrived with plenty of time before the start. We went for a warm up and hit the restrooms before hand, too. With about 15 minutes to go, I felt the bathroom need again. I hopped in line and thought I’d just drop my sweatpants and jacket under Mark’s car in case time ended up becoming an issue. Time passed and the line was still pretty long, I was starting to get nervous. With about 2 minutes before the “start time” I made it to the toilet, did the business, and washed my hands. Mark came rushing around the corner and said, “I swear dude, if you make me late, I’ll hurt you!” I told him not to worry and that we were fine. They ended up starting the race about 5 minutes later than the expected “start time.”

The Calhouns 10 Miler began!

Once the gun went off, everyone sprinted away from the start line. Two guys took off right away, I ran with the a small pack of runners, sitting in about 9th or 10th place. The first mile was a little fast at about a 5:55 pace, but it was also relatively flat. After mile 1, the rolling hills began and the pace dropped for me a little. I had two people pass me around mile 2.5.

There was a massive hill around mile 3.5 (and 7.5 on the way back) and another person ended up passing me up that hill. I was still running around 6:15 pace. At the turn around point around mile 5.5 I knew that I was going to need to press on and push hard. The last two miles were going to be relatively flat after that big hill that hit me hard at mile 3.5 and then 7.5. My friend, Gideon, and I were running together and trying to catch the person ahead of us up the big hill. We powered up it and then there was a slight downhill and then the last 2 miles were flat. I opened up the legs and let myself go downhill. I passed two of the people that passed me and could see another person probably about 0.25 miles ahead of me. The last two miles were around 5:45 pace. By the finish line, I ended up almost catching him. I was two seconds behind him at the finish line.

Calhouns 10 MilerI finished the Calhouns 10 Miler with a time of 1:01:08 and in 9th place overall, 2nd in my age group. The age group prize was a cool beanie! NOT BAD! The results are here on the Knoxville Track Club Race Results page.

I’m thankful everyone was safe during the Calhouns 10 Miler!

I’m looking forward to more races for 2017!

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