Boston Marathon Goal

Is it weird that I don’t have a specific Boston Marathon Goal? I’m participating in the 121st running of the Boston Marathon on April 17th, 2017, yet I don’t have a particular Boston Marathon Goal for the race.

Everything about this coming weekend is very exciting… Here’s the story, it’s been about a year in the works and I am super pumped about it!

knoxville marathon pacing and running - boston marathon goalAfter my wife and I made the decision to move across the country with our tiny house from CA to TN, I met up with Dr. Scott from SWORD at the 2016 Knoxville MarathonWhile on the run there, Dr. Scott mentioned the Kentucky Ale Horse Capital Marathon in Lexington, KY towards the end of May 2016.

Since SWORD was a sponsor of the race, he mentioned he could pass a race entry my way, which I was super pleased with a free race! Dr. Scott also mentioned there was a Boston Marathon Goal Incentive Program that the Kentucky Ale Horse Capital Marathon had created to incentives runners to participate!

The Boston Marathon Goal Incentive Program sounded too good to be true!

The title sponsor of the Kentucky Ale Horse Capital Marathon, Alltech, said they’d reimburse anyone’s registration fee to the Boston Marathon upon the following stipulations:

  1. The runner must participate and complete the 2016 Kentucky Ale Horse Capital Marathon with a finishing time that meets the official qualifying standards for the 2017 Boston Marathon.
  2. Runner must additionally be officially invited to participate in the 2017 Boston Marathon.

  3. Runner must register and pay his or her registration fee for the 2017 Boston Marathon retaining payment receipt from the Boston Athletic Association.

  4. The runner must run in the 2017 Boston Marathon.

  5. Runner must submit receipt of payment of his/her registration postmarked on or before May 6, 2017 to the race organizers.

Way back in May 2016, I had the Boston Marathon Goal on my mind.

I really wanted to set a PR, which at the time was 3:00:46 from 2012 with not much specific training. Going into the Horse Capital Marathon, I had a decent amount of training (about 3 months worth), but I knew that the course was going to be challenging as it was on the huge rolling hills of Lexington, KY.

kentucky ale horse capital marathon - boston marathon goalFast forward, I finished the race in 2:58:34 and in third place. I submitted my entry to the Boston Marathon when registration opened and was accepted about 10 days later.

Next on the docket, we had to find flights. Well, back in 2015 and part of 2016, my wife and I were pretty savvy with airline and travel points, so we were able to book our flights for around $73 for the two of us… Yes, that’s about $36.50 per person ROUND TRIP.

Since that was taken care of, the final thing was going to be lodging. This was going to be the death of me. I checked hotels and it looked like everything was $200-$400 or more per night! YIKES!

Thankfully, one of my co-workers and I were talking about the Boston Marathon and she mentioned that her mom lived in Boston near the finish line. My eyebrows lifted up with excitement. I didn’t say anything, as I did not want to come across rude. Moments later, my co-worker said, “My mom loves the Boston Marathon and if you want, I can talk to her about you staying with her?” I graciously thanked her for saying that to me! About a day later, my co-worker told me her that her mom said I should contact her. I did and we set the plans! I officially found a place to stay for the Boston Marathon on the SUPER CHEAP!

Back to my 2017 Boston Marathon Goal…

My big goal race for April is the Derby Festival Marathon in Louisville, KY on April 29th. That also happens to be 12 days after the Boston Marathon… This is precisely why I don’t have a specific Boston Marathon Goal, as I don’t want to blow myself up on Boston, then not have any turn over or speed for Derby. I’ve got a shot at potentially finishing in the top three overall at Derby if I’m feeling really good and running well!

Ideally, one of my big goals is to enjoy the entire Boston Marathon experience as I’m not sure if I’ll ever get the chance to go again without breaking the bank. I feel very fortunate that my wife and I were able to score such an awesome deal for our trip, so I’m also using Boston as a last long training run before Derby.

Another Boston Marathon Goal is to set a new PR before Derby, and then smash the Boston Marathon PR at Derby. If I can run around a 2:50-2:55 at Boston and still have a great time, I’ll be super pleased! Regardless of how things turn out at Boston as far as my race time, it’ll be a great trip with my wife!

Stay tuned as I’ll update after the race! Don’t forget to watch the Boston Marathon Live Stream!

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