Big Training Week

The end of January was week was a big training week for me. Right over 10 hours of running and 10 hours of biking! Some of those biking miles were bike commuting miles, so they may not be viewed as training by some people.

This was mostly moderate volume during this big training week, but I built some intensity and speed in there too. I’m hoping my fitness is coming back! I want to be able to proudly represent @eddieshealthshoppe @zenevochocolate @podiumsportsmed at the @knoxvilletrackclub Strawberry Plains Half Marathon this coming weekend and ultimately crush my BHAG at MiamiMan in November! I am hoping to run smart (ideally negative splits) and kick my own butt!

big training weekHere’s an image I posted on instagram:
90 minute evening #spin #reppin the @bc_sapat #TakeAStance #shirt – good way to end the work week.
Aiming for more miles Saturday and Sunday ••• #training #multisport #legs #bike #shiv #tri

Monday I had a total of 20.8 run miles despite having raced the Carpet Capital 10 mile on the Saturday before. I wanted to get in a Big training week. Pushing hard brought to you by @swordI knew it was time to recover after I finished my evening run so I could continue pushing throughout the rest of the week!

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