Best Zero Drop Running Shoes!

There are so many shoe options out there, with new running shoe companies popping up here and there. Some of the best zero drop running shoes out there have been around for a few years. Zero Drop running shoes help runners apply better running form to their running, to help avoid and prevent serious injuries like shin-splints, plantar fasciitis, and more.

With a pair of zero drop running shoes, a runner will tend to run different than if they wore more traditional style running shoes.

One of the main lessons the barefoot running movement has taught us is that you run differently in a shoe with a thick cushioned heel than you do barefoot. With the first you strike heavily on the heel, there is a lot of shock goes up the leg, causing a lot of problems, like shin-splints and plantar fasciitis. With zero drop running shoes, you land on the middle or front of the foot and that helps to cause the legs to stay under the body. This creates less stress on the legs!

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The heel in most traditional style running shoes is 10 to 12mm higher than the forefoot. In minimal or barefoot style running shoes it’s only 4mm of heel to toe drop or less to take out some of the heel impact and move you towards a more midfoot or forefoot strike. There are zero drop running shoes. The zero drop running shoes are the style of running shoes that I prefer to run in!

Xero Shoes

Best Zero Drop Running Shoes xero shoesXero Shoes are Comfortable on a trail hike, in a boat, or taking a stroll downtown. Wear them all day, or just keep them handy for a stream crossing or to slip on when your feet need to recover, breathe, and move after you pull off your running shoes, bike cleats, or hiking boots. [GET IT HERE]


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Altra Running Shoes

Best Zero Drop Running Shoes ultra running shoesThe torin 2.5 maintains the lightweight, cushioned and form-improving benefits of its predecessor with a new look and extra flexibility. The foot shape toe box allows your toes to spread out naturally for more stability and speed. The high level of cushioning includes our responsive a-bound compound that returns energy into each step and is weight-balanced from front to back to encourage low-impact landing. Footpod outsole technology maps the bones and tendons of your foot for a free, natural flex. Let your foot do its thing and run better with the torin 2.5. [GET IT HERE]

Tesla Running Shoes

Best Zero Drop Running Shoes tesla running shoesThe Tesla Running Shoes offer a 2mm-thin midsole with a fancy arched footbed that stabilizes your footstrike without artificial support. Similar to the Merrell Vapor Glove at more than half the price off! [GET IT HERE]

I personally own EIGHT pairs of zero drop running shoes and love them all!

Currently, I have the following shoes:

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