2018 LEAP 5K

LEAP 5k 2018

I was able to push my legs to a 1st overall at the 2018 LEAP 5k in downtown Knoxville!!!  My wife and I volunteered in the morning with registration, so we were up about an hour earlier than we would have been if we just had been doing the race, but we’re glad we volunteered.  It was fun to hang out with some runner friends and help the event out!

As the 2018 LEAP 5k lined up…

I knew I might have a chance at winning or a top result since the fast guys who beat me at the 2017 LEAP 5K were not there. (2017 LEAP 5k Race recap).  The gun went off and immediately I was in the lead. There was one person who about 3 feet behind me for about 1/4 mile, but then they faded a bit and I pushed on. I ran the first mile around 5:20 pace, then the second mile had a turn around, so I could see how far everyone was behind me. That mile was a little slower, close to a 5:35. The final mile was a challenge because I knew I had a huge gap to the person behind me so pushing my legs to run even faster was a challenge.  I ran the third mile in about 5:45 or so, which is not the best way to run a race. Ideally, you run even splits or negative splits, but oh well! I jumped over the finish line and went back on the course for a cool down jog/walk and cheered on the other runners as they finished.

The prize for winning the 2018 LEAP 5k…

was a beautiful handmade kaleidoscope which can be seen in the images in this post!!!! I wanted one of these last year but missed it by 2 spots. This year at the 2018 LEAP 5k was a different story! I was lucky enough to be able to take home one of the fancy ones!

I ran the 2018 LEAP 5k…

in my Altra THE ONE shoes because they’re awesome! I also used my Garmin ForeRunner 230 in RUN mode to keep track of my mileage and pace with the GPS + GLONASS on for more accurate tracking.

LEAP 5k 2018

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