The 2018 Hamilton NightGlow in Hamilton, Ohio!

2018 hamilton nightglow GLOW-code

I’ll be going back to the 2018 Hamilton NightGlow in September! The race happens on September 1, 2018!

Want a discount on your 2018 Hamilton NightGlow entry? (LOOK BELOW)

Use code: “GLOW” for $5 off for any of the 2018 Hamilton NightGlow races! This includes the 10k, half marathon, and full marathon!!! Come join me and some other folks from the Knoxville area! There were a few issues during the 2017 Hamilton NightGlow, but that’s because it was a first year race. I’ve spoken to the race directing team and they’ve assured me the issues have been fixed. There will be more GLOW. The race will have more substance on the course (such as gels, liquids). There will be more representation of course markers!

I think that the team has received enough feedback in order to correct any of the issues from 2017 to make sure the 2018 Hamilton NightGlow is PERFECT!

Use code: “GLOW” for $5 off for any of the 2018 Hamilton NightGlow races!

The course is mainly flat with MINOR rollers, maybe like 40 feet of elevation or something like that. It’s certainly not a leg buster course!  The NightGlow Marathon is one of the LAST Boston Marathon qualifiers for the 2019 Boston Marathon race – check my Boston Marathon Race Recap from 2017!

The 2018 race is going to be awesome! I think I’ll make it my one big push for a marathon personal record in 2018 since most of my emphasis is focused on the biking and running for my BHAG at the Miami Man Long Distance National Championships in November!  If I decide not to do the full marathon, I’ll shoot for a half marathon personal record! We shall see and it will be an awesome event either way! There will be donuts, beer, friends! We might go see some family in northern Ohio after the race, too!

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