The Knoxville Greenway System is awesome!

Tuesday I went to downtown Knoxville with my wife. While she was in a business meeting, I went out for short 17 mile run on the Knoxville Greenway System. I started my run on the streets of downtown and worked my way towards one of the Greenway “trail heads” on Walnut St.

knoxville greenway run hike jumpBy the time I hopped on the Greenway, I was already around 1.2 miles in or so. I continued on. I wasn’t going to try to push too terribly hard on the run because I didn’t want to risk running out of water mid-run, so I just ran how I felt.  I knew it was going to be hilly since many of the miles were the same miles run for the Knoxville Marathon and Half-Marathon. I even voluntarily ran up “death hill” on Noelton Drive where the cool dude during the race had Fireball shots. Surprisingly, “death hill” wasn’t horrible, and actually had one of my better average mile paces on that same mile as the hill. Basically once I hit the top of the hill, my legs basically told me, “hey, we’re nice and warm now, let’s GO!”

I continued on and kept feeling pretty good. The last four miles or so, I decided to try to give it a go, even with the hills. I ended up doing those between 6:56 and 7:12 pace. Not too bad for the tail end of a long run with some decent rollers in there to cause some pain.

My average pace for the run was roughly 7:24 per mile. I really wanted to hit some 6:30 pace miles during the run, but it didn’t happen. Maybe it was the hills, maybe I’m not as in shape as I thought? Who knows. no excuses. We’ll see during the next few months during the races. I feel like I’m in pretty good shape, like I could probably run a new PR for the marathon. Maybe about a 2;45 to 2:50 marathon depending on the course. I know The Derby Festival Marathon is a good course that only really has one tricky section mid-way through the course in Iroquois Park, but that’s only about 3 miles worth or so. Anyways…

knoxville greenway runI used my hydration pack with water and a bottle of SWORD during my run. Currently I’m using Berry SWORD and it’s pretty dang delicious. No color additives, it dissolves immediately.  I ran in my New Balance Minimus MT00 shoes. They’re great and it’s like there’s literally nothing on my feet. I wish they still made this shoe.

knoxville greenway runAfter the run, I went back to the car, changed shirts, grabbed a change of shorts, and some more SWORD to aid in recovery. Then I headed to Remedy Coffee which was literally a 5 minute walk from where we were parked. SCORE! As part of my recovery, I had a nice cup of coffee, SWORD as mentioned, and a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie. YUM!

Once the wife was done with her meeting, we grabbed some more food, ran some errands, headed home, and went for a 2 mile hike.  Later in the evening, I ventured out for another hike down to the lake so I could take a nice recovery “ice bath.” So all in all, I ran 17 miles, and hiked a total of 3 miles. A very comfortable 20 mile day! Woot!

So glad to have the Knoxville Greenway system so close to us. It’s a great resource and can’t wait to run more miles and see more people on it in the future.




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